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  • T in the Park Sunday 10th July

    Kieran Crook (singer, guitarist): “T In the Park is the festival we’ve always wanted to play since we started the band five or six years ago.”

  • T in the Park Saturday 9th July

    Early afternoon on day#2 of T16, and TV talent show vibes had come to the King Tut’s Wah Wah Tent. On the stage a music-mad songwriter was singing his heart out. Sitting off to the side on a flight...

  • T in the Park Friday 8th July

    Phil Campbell knew the job at hand. It was barely midday on the opening day of T In The Park 2016, and the festival hadn’t technically begun. But the Glasgow-based frontman with blues-rock sensations...

  • T In The Park

    Check out these great photos from the T In The Park campsite.