Luca Debonaire - Comin’ To Getcha


Luca Debonaire - Comin’ To Getcha

Luca Debonaire returns to Zulu Records

As someone who has recently been the #1 best-selling house artist on Beatport, Zulu regular Luca Debonaire returns to the label with a brand-new groove-ridden house record. ‘Comin To Getcha’ has already been played and supported by My Digital Enemy, Max Vangeli, Rio Dela Duna and FatFly, and it’s easy to hear why. Pulling out all the stops as usual, Zulu haven’t held back with this one, a track full of groove, funk, disco and soul, as well as a cleverly combined combination of old-school and innovative house sounds.

With cool-as-you-like lyrics and a big vocal hook, this is a must-have to get any party started. House music in its finest form, Debonaire delves into classic nineties inspired samples, and links them together with futuristic rumbling bass. The constant opening and closing of hi-hats give the record unbelievable swing, making its danceability off the charts.

A game-changer for any party, play ‘Comin To Getcha’ and expect the atmosphere to be as electric as the stabbing synths that have crowds punching their fists in the air in no time.

It’s easy to see why Luca Debonaire is gaining so much recognition at the moment. His unique ability to generate flawless music doesn’t go unnoticed, especially by Zulu, who are ‘Comin To Getcha’ yet again.