DJs Steal the Scene in Vegas


DJs Steal the Scene in Vegas

It’s not just about gambling anymore. DJs have brought a new level of entertainment to the gaming floors at top Vegas casinos.

Top DJs Who Love a Flutter

Vegas has always been known as a gambling mecca, but many people do not realise it is also the heart of entertainment. Players were always drawn to the casino floors, offering enticing games, excited players and many chances to win and lose. Over the past 10 years or so, Vegas has started a transition from being strictly a gambling city to being one known for top rated entertainment. These days, the DJs that entertain players have become key members at the casino, taking the spotlight away from pit bosses who actually run the gaming action!

Vegas has seen some changes in playing habits and there has been a decline in the number of players visiting casinos for gaming interests. Now, younger visitors are drawn to the city. They are not there to engage in the action of blackjack or roulette, but to enjoy the entertainment and to party in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

One of the top DJs to have become the main attraction in Vegas is Calvin Harris. He has provided entertainment for some of the hottest casinos in the city and once earned $400,000 for playing at Hakkasan. DJ Tiesto is another known name in the industry, generating $250,000 per night. These high prices are small in comparison to the possible revenue that can be generated by attracting people to the casino.

The key to success for Vegas casinos is no longer offering the most games and the most beautiful dealers. It all comes down to a well-rounded offering of extravagant shows, live entertainment, dance clubs and restaurants and bars. The city and various casinos have embraced these changes and Las Vegas introduced music to make up for the loss casinos have been suffering on the floor.

Music and Money Makes the World Go Round

In the entertainment industry, there are many who have enjoyed gambling over the years. There are a number of well-known musicians that have visited Vegas on a regular basis to take part in the casino thrills as well as the amazing forms of entertainment offered by top DJs. Some of the musicians that have a love for gambling may come as a surprise, but these celebrities can often be seen cruising the floors of Vegas casinos.

Gladys Knight is one of those people, having a huge love for gambling. She openly admitted to an addition to baccarat and sports betting. The hot rap star Nelly is another, who has a love for poker, often playing in live events at the Monte Carlo. Many years ago, the guitarist for Anthrax, Scott Ian started playing poker while touring. He is now one of the most well-known musicians who gamble, having won the VH1 charity tournament.

The Excitement Online

While Vegas remains a top location for gamblers and those seeking top entertainment, there are other options for players who love the tables and slots. With online casinos like PlayOJO, players benefit from a wide array of games and can also cash in on some great deals, like the OJO Wheel, offering tons of free spins.