Koben - Mind Free EP


Koben - Mind Free EP

Italian duo Koben combined their different areas of expertise to create fresh, groovy house music. Working with a strong DIY ethic and keen ear for worldwide influences, the two joined forces some time ago, and have been producing ever since. Luca Beni and Massimo Costa have pulled out all of the stops on their latest project, a two-track EP that packs a punch, just the right amount to suit the intricate criteria of 8 House Records. Owned by house giants Son of 8, 8 House have already seen the likes of Tuff London andCharlie Hedges release on their imprint, and it’s easy to hear why Oliver Heldens, Tough Love and Roger Sanchez are giving their sounds a thumbs up.

EP opener and title track ‘Mind Free’ brushes in and out of trippy female vocals and eccentric tribal back-beats. All pulled together with a smooth, rolling bassline, this one is nothing short of unusual. Precise production from Koben, who exercise their quirky style and draw together their extensive plethora of influences. You’ll soon be losing yourself in ‘Mind Free,’ a euphoric summer track full of surprises. On producing the track, Koben said:

“It started with an edgy acid bassline, we’ve decided to move towards a hypnotic vibe that follows the vocal line as the main feature. We split and processed it with Mutator and other analogue outboards & FX processors. The result is a groovy journey formed by a walking bass and several percussive sounds. We then used virus lines and vocal delays to enhance the idea of a “Mind Free” mood.”

Continuing the experimental vibes, track number two revolves around eerie synth stabs and an unforgettable vocal hook. ‘Simple Taste’s’ bassline has enough groove to last a lifetime, and its carefully placed samples add to the extensive layers of textures and tones. Full of nostalgic flashes of nineties house, as well as futuristic moments of brilliance, Koben have excelled themselves this time. They added:

“The idea behind the track was to create a hybrid deep tune that could be perfect for peak time too. Built around a catchy vocal line and lyric phrase, the track develops with two Moog rolling basses combined until the break, where a funky guitar releases the mood before the groove moves the dance floor again. Vocal line effects were created by filtering with a Mutator and other processors.”
An incredible little find from 8 House Records, who continue to build the already sterling reputation of their imprint. The ‘Mind Free’ EP is a must have for summer house playlists, dive in.
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