Kollaps - Right Here (Textures)


Kollaps - Right Here (Textures)

A collaborative tape project between the Grade 10 collective and Leicester-based photographer Ollie Kirk, ‘TEXTURES’ is a body of work exploring the relationship between the collectives varied sounds and Ollie’s striking visual identity. Comprised of 8 pieces of music and 8 corresponding images, ‘TEXTURES’ is a natural extension of Grade 10 and Ollie’s work together. Released on limited run cassette tape on March 30th, each taper order comes with choice of one of the eight prints. Pre-order a copy now from www.grade10.uk

Featuring eight tracks from the Grade 10 family, Kollaps, Forever, Loosewomen, 8Ball, Prayer, Unslaved, Classic Coke and Kollaps all contribute to ‘TEXTURES’ with sounds journeying from  other-worldly soundscapes and brooding piano to hi-tempo footwork and spacey techno. A true testament to the varied GRADE 10 output, each artist adds a segment of their own personality, complimented by Ollie Kirk’s creations – images of dark landscapes and natural backdrops. The imagery in TEXTURES are heavily inspired by the natural world,check these here whilst listening to the eight tracks here.

Hailed as a photographic talent to watch, Ollie Kirk has explored music photography, portraiture and more, with this being his first official collaboration with Grade 10. Normally working with film medium, Ollie’s work is full of character, easily recognisable and heavily inspired by art / design. Ollie also runs zine Shadow Axis with designer Greg Hardy. Grade 10 have been established for three years this May, to find out more head to www.grade10.uk

Order via bandcamp : http://bit.ly/2DJ52c2