Toby Tobias - Second Stimulus / Synchro Surfer


Toby Tobias - Second Stimulus / Synchro Surfer

Toby Tobias has a lengthy history of disturbing the peace. On his second offering for the ESP Institute, he reaches out with a 2-track EP.

On side A, Second Stimulus stirs shimmering staccato chords, roaming pipes and detuned robotic sighs into quite the disorienting stew—the loose arrangement remaining fragmented over 9 minutes of touch-and-go 808 programming, picking up a pseudo bassline assembled from sub toms, introducing a gritty break loop and eventually blissing out into oblivion.

With side B’s Synchro Surfer, Toby plays with the notion of suspense by gently teasing a muted kick and percussion rhythm under washes of white noise, bleeps and sirens that are tape-dubbed and which, over time, begin a dialogue with each other, as if the machines have declared mutiny on the garage. Toby continues to stretch his limits with his output for the ESP Institute, possibly headed toward a full-fledged devolution of conventional dance music. These two songs may have you arrested for public nuisance.

"Second Stimulus / Synchro Surfer" is released March 30th on vinyl.

Toby Tobias

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