Lilliam Wee - The Three Moon EP Series : EP 3 Nix


Lilliam Wee - The Three Moon EP Series : EP 3 Nix

Lilliam Wee rounds off the The Three Moon EP Series this May with ‘EP 3 – Nix’, comprising four originals from the budding artist.

London’s Lilliam Wee is a relatively new name to most but the exciting new UK artist has already picked up support from the likes of James Teej, Sean Johnston, Severino and Bill Brewster since launching his Blackstrap imprint. Here we see him round off the Three Moon EP series which inaugurates the label and sets the tone for what’s to follow perfectly.

Kicking off ‘EP 3 – Nix’ is ‘The Disorientation Of Space’ which as the name would suggest fuses spaced out synth leads, hypnotic arpeggios and thundering sub bass drones with dropped-tempo, crunchy rhythms. Following is ‘Turmoil in The Chaos System’ which takes an equally spacey, tripped out approach via bubbling synth modulations, a chuggy arpeggio bass lead and swirling synth chords and electro vocal licks.

Opening the latter half of the package is ‘The Sky Was Lit Up With Angels’ delving deeper into Lilliam Wee’s sonic palette with airy synth swells, emotive chord progressions and distorted percussion driving the record. The package is then closed with ‘People Of The Fire Planet’ which lays the focus on brooding low end drones, wandering synth licks and sporadic pad sweeps to complete an impressive series of releases to launch Blackstrap.

Lilliam Wee’s ‘The Three Moon EP Series – EP 3 – Nix’ is out on Blackstrap 16th May 2016.


The Disorientation Of Space
Turmoil In The Chaos System
The Sky Was Lit Up With Angels
People Of The Fire Planet