Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro – Blame (Pavel Khvaleev Remix)

Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro – Blame (Pavel Khvaleev Remix)

It’s already provided us with ASOT1000 – Moscow rocking ‘Vertigo’ and the hot season-capturing ‘Summer Wonder’. Now, to tie off the hot run of releases from the first Chapter of their new album series, Cosmic Gate return to the first piece of ‘MOSAIIK’s musical mosaic.

Nic & Bossi have placed their boundary-breaking/fan-delighting track in the hands of a musician who’s moved ever closer to the centre of the CG radar over the last eighteen months. Having first caught their attention with the eye-wowing holographic imagery for his ‘Inhale’ & ‘Exhale’ albums, more and more of Pavel Khvaleev’s music has since been finding its way into their sets. Having included his remix of Jam & Spoon’s ‘Set Me Free’ and PARAFRAME’s ‘Circuitry’ in – respectively – their Mexico Open Skies and NY rooftop livestreams – they’ve engaged him to rework the system-shaking ‘Blame’.

Through his remix, Pavel’s delivered a masterclass in contrast. He channels the Original’s more subterranean tones, daring – if anything – to take their sonics that much further into the depths. Come the drop though, and through pad & chord he brings degrees of warmth and magnetism to Diana’s words. Brightening it (albeit momentarily) with melody, it brings greater meaning (and relatable empathy) to her song.

The perfect counterpart to their Original and a timely circle-around to the album’s launch-point, the Pavel Khvaleev remix of ‘Blame’ reaches streaming and sales platforms today ( Chapter One of ‘MOSAIIK’ – the eleventh album project from Cosmic Gate – is available here, now through Black Hole Recordings (

1. Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro – Blame (Pavel Khvaleev Remix)
1. Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro – Blame (Pavel Khvaleev Extended Remix)

Upcoming Cosmic Gate Tour Dates 

Oct 16: Akvarium Club, Budapest
Oct 22: Dreamstate, ELIA Pool, Las Vegas
Oct 23: HEC – Vancouver, BC
Oct 24: EDC – Las Vegas, NV
Oct 29: Stereo Live – Houston, TX
Oct 31: Stereo Live – Dallas, TX
Nov 12: EDC – Orlando, FL
Nov 27: One Carnival Palace, Medellin
Dec 05: Ember Shores, Cancun
Jan 28: HEV, Vancouver, BC


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