Villanova - Polly/Choice


Villanova - Polly/Choice

Villanova are back on My Favorite Robot Records with two more tantalisingly tense techno cuts.

The French duo formed in Paris in 2012 and last appeared on this label in 2014 with the second of two EPs. Since then they have been on Off Recordings and Rebirth and have honed their freaky, edgy sound to perfection. Here they demonstrate that across a brilliant brace of tracks.

The unsettling and dark energy of ‘Polly’ kicks things off. Tense, dehumanised vocal stabs are looped over one-finger synth notes as squelchy, otherworldly bass sounds and shakers flesh out the steely groove. It’s a head-wrecking late night tune for basements and after parties.

The second sizzling cut is ’Choice,’ with skewed and spraying synth lines sounding perfectly unhinged. Pinging drums are taught, and rumbling, brain frying bass completes the most abstract and synthetic feel of this one.

These are two fantastically ‘floor facing tunes that slowly but surely send you wild from the inside out.


1. Polly
2. Choice