Francesco Mami - 101091 EP


Francesco Mami - 101091 EP

Rhythm Cult serves up a standout new three track EP from “sound purist” Francesco Mami. 

The London MNKY HSE Music Director is a regular at places like Burning Man and Circo Loco at DC10 and has released on the likes of Get Physical and Ibadan Records. He has a wide range of studio skills and a graceful, cerebral sound that is perfectly subtle. 

“I have a strong memory of the few episodes that influenced and pushed me into electronic music, and the 10191 EP is dedicated to one of them,” says the artist, who then explains how David Lynch’s sci-fi film Dune, with its intricate correlations between all the arts, was a big influence. “That's why this is EP is a reminder of the amazement of discovering and experiencing the unknown.”

The tasteful release opens with ‘Leto’, a deep and supple track that is on the line between house and techno. The percussion is hypnotic and soft, the drums burrow deep, with some poised synth lines slowly riding up and down the scale and zoning you out. 

The excellent ‘Stillgar’ is a little more edgy. The well sculpted synths and pads have a haunting, unsettling feel as the icy drums roll on. Occult sounds and unnerving little motifs all help make this a truly evocative and detailed production. 

Last of all, ‘Alia’ is the most uptempo of the lot. It’s still deep and hugely atmospheric but the upright drums have real drive as swirling, watery pads ripple off to the horizon. 

This is a classy EP of masterfully designed sounds that are all deliciously deep and dynamic.


1.    Leto
2.    Stilgar
3.    Alia