1st Ever Cybotron Live


1st Ever Cybotron Live

>>>Phase Array After Show Party Announced with JUAN ATKINS now joining Terrence Dixon who is making his UK Debut at Hangar<<<


Electronic pioneers Cybotron, fronted by techno originator Juan Atkins, showcase an electronic, multi-sensory journey, playing seminal classics and debuting new material from the forthcoming album


“This Is Juan Atkins, Serving Notice To The World That It Is The Early 21st Century. The Winds Of Change Howl, The Industrial Age Has Crumbled… And Cybotron Is Coming.”


The First Ever Cybotron Live show in the UK  is to be held at Barbican Centre on Friday April 12th. Leading the way into the future at this unique evening will be electronic music pioneer Juan Atkins. This promises to be a highly innovative iconic live event, fusing visionary technology with new and original music.


Envisaged as a unique staging of the roots of the Detroit techno sound and 80s electronica, the Cybotron Live show supported by partners Carhartt, Resident Advisor, and Mixcloud. A creative collaboration between the electronic godfather, Juan Atkins and visual technologists, Pilot. Juan will debut new material from the forthcoming Cybotron album, alongside original seminal tracks. Looking to once again compose the future, Juan will take the audience on a multi-sensory journey. encased in a revolutionary digital lighting and laser system that enables multi-layers of audio to be fed in real time into a bespoke visual generative engine. Aiming for pure synergy between the audio and the visual – the Future has arrived.


>>> Phase Array Launch Party and UK Debut of Terrence Dixon + with JUAN ATKINS  <<<


RA: To quote Terrence Dixon—who'll be making his UK debut on the night— “expect a heavy dose of "forward-thinking ghetto electronics."


Following Juan Atkins' live performance at The Barbican, Phase Array launches as the first in a series of nights from Cybotron Live producers’ minimal detroit, headed up by Detroit's Terrence Dixon and London based duo, Kathleen and James Winter. 


Terrence Dixon makes his highly anticipated debut UK appearance alongside underground titan Steve Bicknell who now resides in Berlin but returns to play his home turf in London for a notable UK appearance, and joined by Liverpool's techno stalwart, John Heckle.


Phase Array takes place at Hangar, 2-18 Warburton Rd, Hackney, E8 3FN with a Line Up that features Terrence Dixon (UK debut), Juan Atkins, Steve Bicknell, John Heckle, and Mario Barbarossa with a Second Room: Hosted by md Residents Mario, Kathleen Winter and Philip Demuth

Tickets from £16.50 from Resident Advisor https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1212527


In 1980 Cybotron projected themselves into the future, producing a series of advanced prophetic compositions, including ‘Techno City’ ‘Clear’, ’Cosmic Cars’ and their debut album ‘Enter’, which has just been re-issued in remastered glory.

Fast forward forty years, and ‘Enter’ is more relevant than ever.

Live Listings


Event: Cybotron Live

Date: Friday April 12th 2019

At: Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London, EC2Y 8DS

Times: 8:00pm – 10:00pm 

Promotional Video: www.vimeo.com/cybotronlive 

Tickets: Resident Advisor https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1192640

Barbican https://www.barbican.org.uk/whats-on/2019/event/cybotron 

web: www.cybotronlive.com 

Telephone 0207 112 9027

web: https://www.barbican.org.uk

Barbican Centre: Telephone 020 7638 8891






•    Live Listings

    •    Event: Phase Array – the Cybotron Live after party 

    •    Date: Friday April 12th 2019

    •    At: Hangar, 2-18 Warburton Rd, London E8 3FN

    •    Times: 22:30pm – 06:00am 

    •    Line Up: Terrence Dixon (UK debut), Juan Atkin, Steve Bicknell, John Heckle and Mario Barbarossa 

Second Room: Hosted by md Residents Mario, Kathleen Winter and Philip Demuth

    •    Tickets: Early Bird £16.50 from Resident Advisor 

    •    https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1212527

    •    web: www.cybotronlive.com 

    •    Promotional Video: www.vimeo.com/cybotronlive 

    •    Telephone 0207 112 9027