Hyman Bass - 46 Long EP


Hyman Bass - 46 Long EP

Hyman Bass dedicates this EP to one of that TV shows 'bigger than life', that marked an after and before in his life: The Sopranos.


Everything begins with '46 Long', a mixture of joy and emotion can feels in the melodies -as happened when tha artist first saw Gandolfini getting into the role of a lifetime- with an intensity that gradually rises in pitch. 'Clarity' is relaxed and hypnotic, like when we have already entered fully into the series and the characters become part of our family and our life. That point between melancholy and happiness, that many of us will sense to be in the middle  of a chapter especially liking you, stop for a moment to see how much time is left,  and check relieved that still goes half and there is still much to enjoy (or suffer).

"Borrowed" closes the EP and it begins to appear the "blue mood" to know that everything is over, that the end is closer.  Yet it also has a little light, a ray of hope amid so much sadness, knowing that you have seen one of the best TV shows in history and have enjoyed with it, having gone so deep into its world that you feel (almost) have been part of the Soprano clan, with their laughter and their tears, their friendships and betrayals, their successes and failures.

As I said: 'Bigger than life'.

*In the artwork: Zeus in Fountain of the Four Rivers (1651), by Bernini.