Cardopusher - A Convenient Excuse Pt. 1 EP


Cardopusher - A Convenient Excuse Pt. 1 EP

Cardopusher is back on Boynoize with the first of a two part EP that showcases his electrifying, multi-genre style.

Cardopusher is a true electronic legend from Venezuela. His dizzyingly diverse sound takes in rave, acid, electro, techno and house influences and distils them into hugely raw and energetic new forms. They come on labels like Zone and Zodiac 44 as well as of course Boynoize Records, and across five fantastic tracks here he continues to blow up the dance floor in his own unique ways.

The slow but twisted opener is ‘Broadcast Signal Intrusion,’ which has haunting bass and crashing hits over heavy drums. It’s stark and brilliantly futurist, then ‘Blood & Pain’ picks up the pace with electro drums and contorted metallic synths all run through with hellish horror stabs. It’s wild, unsettling rave music that is perfectly executed.

Slowing things down to a crawl is the masterful ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ with its distorted bass and icy hits. Paranoid synths prowl around the mix and the whole thing is warehouse sized. The brain frying ‘Subjected To Disintegration’ has haunting sounds and shadowy bass all drawing you in before a dubby groove emerges, only for the whole thing to unfold into mania once more. Lastly, ‘Temporary Forever’ is a dirty, rough edged electro track with stiff bass and edgy chords all bringing the late-night menace.

This is an essential new offering from Cardopusher, with the second instalment due early next year.


1. Broadcast Signal Intrusion
2. Blood & Pain
3. How Deep Is Your Love
4. Subjected To Disintegration
5. Temporary Forever