John H & M.E.E.O - Adhesive Arps EP


John H & M.E.E.O - Adhesive Arps EP

Heartbreak Records returns with its second release late September, coming courtesy of John H & M.E.E.O and entitled ‘Adhesive Arps’.

John H and M.E.E.O have been collaborating over the past three years on various projects and 2014 saw the duo join forces with compatriot Petter B on ’Bergsjön Eternal’ which caught the attention of Adam Beyer who released it on his Drumcode imprint. With the likes of Cari Lekebusch, Alan Fitzpatrick, DVS1 and many more playing their celestial Techno style this duo are kicking up a storm in the electronic music world.

‘Budapest Lights’ takes the lead on the pairs new EP and lays focus on vacillating bass swells, meandering arpeggios and smooth chord progressions to create a spaced out opening cut, ‘Chyperspaces’ follows and retains a similar otherworldly aesthetic with ethereal pads and mesmerizing synth lines.

On offer in the latter half of the package is the third and final original from the duo ‘Never Gone’, again employing deftly flowing multi-layered synth melodies alongside weighty drums before German duo Piemont rework ‘Never Gone’ into a loop-led six and a half minute workout.

John H & M.E.E.O’s ‘Adhesive Arps’ is out on Heartbreak Records 30th September 2016.

1.    Budapest Lights
2.    Cypherspaces
3.    Never Gone
4.    Never Gone (Piemont Remix)