Rando Arand - Alles EP


Rando Arand - Alles EP

Tallinn’s Rando Arand joins up with LIITHELI to release four deep cuts entitled ‘Alles’ EP.

Rando Arand is an electronic music producer from Tallinn, Estonia with a background in sound design and experimentation. Arand released his first record on Asphalt Soliloquies back in 2017 and has since gone on to perform live at clubs and festivals in and around the Baltic states. His ‘Alles’ EP sees him join Ali Asker’s LIITHELI imprint who focus on supporting local artists from Estonia’s capital following the likes of Mava & Nebukat, 1212a and the label boss himself, in addition to remixers from across the globe like Vakula and SH2000.

‘Maandub’ gets things rolling with dubbed-out aesthetics fusing hypnotic low end, meditative chords and eccentric synth stabs before ‘Moondub’ delivers soulful keys, deep riding bass grooves and fluid percussion.

‘Joondub’ maintains the breezy atmospherics as it delicately layers alleviating pads, organic pulsations and floaty modulations before ‘Avardub’ finishes things off with emotive melodies, fast-pitched, natural drums and melancholy tones throughout.

Rando Arand ‘Alles’ EP drops on LIITHELI on 1st May 2019.



1. Maandub
2. Moondub
3. Joondub
4. Avardub