Asian Restaurant & Takeaway Awards (ARTA)


Asian Restaurant & Takeaway Awards (ARTA)

ARTA journey has been spectacular till date. The name has proven to create an impact in the UK culinary industry and why should it not! A recognition and title this prestigious is bound to be sought after. ARTA is a nationwide celebration of British Asian Cuisine and all individuals involved in its creation. Having asked the members of the public to vote for their favourite restaurants from across the UK, we have successfully completed our first round of voting this 17th of June, 2018.  

Over the last five months, we have received over 2800 nominations, the best of which will move on to our exciting cook-off events to be held at various locations throughout the UK. The next step is the reveal of the Cook-Off event shortlist on 25th of June 2018 with the winners set to compete at a number of locations nationwide. We have established partnerships with local colleges and universities who will host our regional cook-off events. There exists a sheer disinterest amongst job seekers and students regarding the hospitality sector and the interested ones are skeptical about this industry as a potential career path. The <a href="">ARTA</a> initiative involves addressing this insufficiency and organizing these cook-offs at educational institutions is just the first step towards the big goal. We at ARTA believe that the industry will experience an upturn in the coming years as we expect a lot of newcomers considering the catering industry to fix their careers on.

ARTA celebrates the art of Asian cooking but places an equal amount of emphasis on all roles in the hospitality environment, including extraordinary services, bar management, hygiene rating and consistent quality control. ARTA was conceived to play a pivotal role in reinvigorating the general perception of the possibilities afforded by embarking upon employment in the culinary sector. Through reaching out to current and prospective students at our regional cook-offs, we aim to establish a program of youth engagement that we believe will revitalise the food industry by targeting a demographic that is crucial to the future prosperity of the sector. Newcomers are the only way the industry will sustain, survive and prosper. No industry has ever had a breakthrough without enthusiasts and dreamers and it's important we create that platform for the coming generations. We at ARTA are proud to be a part of this pioneering revolution that will promote this sector for the better.

ARTA Grand Finale is poised to take place on 30th of September, 2018 at Intercontinental London The-O2. The event is going to be grand with exhilarating performances by renowned artists and will be blessed with the presence of various celebrities and VIPs from the industry. The event will have a panel of judges to scrutinize the contestants from the Cook-Offs winners after which ARTA will have its first ever Champion of the Champions. The Champion will be awarded a trophy worth fifty thousand pounds made by the famous Thomas Lyte. ARTA has cared about public opinion since the beginning and as promised will give away a Brand New Car to the lucky winner amongst the voters.

Asian Restaurant & Takeaway Awards (ARTA)
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