Various Artists - Atish + Friends Remixed


Various Artists - Atish + Friends Remixed

Release number fifteen on San Francisco’s Manjumasi revisits the Atish + Friends EP, with a diverse collection of remixes from a serious roster of producers. Leading the charge is Berlin’s Andre Lodemann, who delivers an interpretation of Atish and Mark Slee’s “Chameleon” in his classic style, combining intricate percussion and steadily building interwoven synth lines. With its deep pulsing bass texture, the result is a complex and heady track with a crescendo of energy.

Next up is Nick Warren and Nicolas Rada, a powerhouse production duo whose version of “Chameleon” is a deep and chuggy journey through the track’s landscapes, slightly slowed down to really let the textures shine.

The third remix on the package sees Brooklyn-based Brian Cid return to the label with a deep and driving interpretation of Atish and Tim Engelhardt’s “Bullfrog,” employing a hypnotic hang-drum riff to work in unison with the original’s stabby synth lines. Closing out the package are two versions of Atish and Bengal’s “Tortoise.”

DoubtingThomas strips the lush track down to its bare elements, letting each element shine in a more minimal version well-suited for the quirky late-night dancefloors or the afterhours. Finally, label A&R rep Naveen G kicks up the energy and turns in a stormer, with hints of progressive energy, an insistent bassline and trippy psychedelic arpeggios.

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21 October 2018