Bad Habit - Bad Habit – Screens


Bad Habit - Bad Habit – Screens

Slime welcomes Leeds producer Bad Habit to the label with his first full release. After contributing the incredible ‘Trying Times’ to the imprint’s Future Sound Of Garage compilation at the end of last year, we set him the task of delivering a complete release. The result is ‘Screens’ and if you have any love in your heart for UKG, this EP is for you – with a single release Bad Habit stakes his claim as one of the best and brightest operating in garage right now.

‘Party All Night’ opens proceedings and immediately sets the tone of the release with warm chords, sweet female vocals and skittering percussion drifting into range before unleashing an absolute monster of a bassline across piano stabs that will have ravers around the world calling for the rewind.

‘Screens’’ features the notorious lyrical genius that is Coppa dropping his flow over a bouncing bassline to create this peak-time garage roller, complete with a chorus you know will be getting sung along to in clubs up and down the country across the summer. Pure firepower.

‘Creation’ sees the producer get even more inventive, with swirling FX, twisted basslines and a clever little melodic refrain strapped to echoing vocals and a pulsating 4×4 beat that will destroy any dancefloor it’s deployed on.