NMA & JOVEM - Birds Mind EP


NMA & JOVEM - Birds Mind EP

French artist ANMA links with countryman JOVEM for a fantastic new EP that finds the pair collaborate on one track and serve up one solo effort each.

ANMA is a techno obsessive who has been playing guitar and keys since youth. He co-founded the Hover Mind label and is also part of Arrival with FIB so is deeply entrenched in the scene with his own unique perspective. JOVEM meanwhile switches up progressive house and melodic techno and is a regular headline act around France. His richly layered tracks come on this label as well as his own Palace Rec, and in coming together with Anja the pair find plenty of exciting new ground.

Their collaborative ‘Birds Mind’ is the collision of two musical worlds. It was made during a day in an apartment surrounded by two monitor speakers, synthesisers and a computer before a hectic night in the largest club in Toulouse. The track features a pan flute, ethnic percussion and fat bass that will lift up the floor and then mesmerise with catchy arpeggios that bring real colour.

ANMA’s ‘Wild Horse’ “is an invitation to a journey through wilderness, as if you were a fiery horse in search of freedom”. This plays out with real tension and texture in the brooding techno grooves, augmented by storytelling synths that build tension and take you on a real adventure.

Finally, JOVEM’s ‘Redemption’ is “the story of the devil who came down to earth to understand the real behaviour of humans”. In real terms it is an epic bit of progressive techno with majestic synth breakdowns and upright drums that together will get hands in the air.

These are three original tracks that brim with musical personality.


1. ANMA & JOVEM – Birds Mind (Original Mix)
2. ANMA – Wild Horse (Original Mix)
3. JOVEM – Redemption (Original Mix)