Slumber - Body Clock


Slumber - Body Clock

Paul Loraine is excited to announce a new sub label to his main charge, Rhythm Cult, entitled Rhythm Digital. This new label will showcase fresh sounds from artists like Dan Baartz, Brenn & Cesar and Alex Jann, but kicks off with a killer three track selection from Slumber.

Originally hailing from Tampa, Florida, Slumber is the duo of Amber Cox and Oona Dahl. They came together over a shared love of music and have clocked up credits for their fine machine sounds on Viva, My Favorite Robot, Bad Animal and many other fine labels. Combining the organic with the synthetic, the dark with the light, they have very much cooked up their own singular sound.

The alluring ‘Body Clock’ goes first, with its wavy grooves, deep synths and slightly paranoid ambiances of skittish voices and wet claps. A deep, burrowing track, some tender piano chords and intimate vocals add a sensuous, romantic feel. It’s a fine opening cut, to be sure.

Then comes ‘Round Rose,’ quicker and slicker techno leaning cut with disorientating chords, layered poly-rhythms and lots of lush synthetic texture. It’s a dead of the night back room record that makes for a spooky vibe, and is masterfully carried out.

Last but not least, the brilliant ‘Shooting Salad’ is a loose, shuffling shimmering minimal cut with feathery grooves and restless snare patterns. It is absorbing and heady, intricate and kinetic and is a third different side to Slumber’s great sound.

This is an auspicious way to mint a brand new label – a label that is sure to go on to great things, much like its parent outlet, under the knowing stewardship of Paul Loraine.

1.    Body Clock
2.    Round Rose
3.    Shooting Salad