Get Physical is proud to present the latest instalment in their long running and influential Body Language DJ mix series. Previous volumes have featured musical luminaries such as Dixon, Matthew Dear and Modeselektor and now joining their ranks is the much lauded production talent that is Tim Green with a mix that includes 17 stunning tracks, some exclusives from Green himself and some special edits.

By now Green is well established within the house and techno elite and has proved himself as a truly talent producer with real eclecticism. He has been responsible for massive club anthems on labels like Cocoon alongside moving and introspective works on My Favorite Robot Records and for his first commercially available mix he brings this all emcompassing outlook to bear, laying out an absorbing, complete and coherent vision of contemporary dance music. The mix itself is seamlessly constructed drawing on Green’s time headlining at leading global clubs such as fabric, Space ibize, Womb & Watergate.

Over the course of 72 minutes Green builds in masterful layers, carefully notching up through the gears with smooth mixes and perfect sequencing. It all starts with the delicate deep house of Sven Laux, before exploring chilly and autumnal tech that is full of brooding menace from the likes of Landslide and Fiakun Team.

Lush pianos and patient chords add a musical feel to the compelling grooves, and vocals, too, help colour things and add a real sense of personality and charm. Tracks from Max Cooper, S.K.A.M. and Dan Berkson & James What all prove Green knows where to look for electronic nuance and make for a slick and engaging mid section that is as fluid and free flowing as you will find.

The latter half of the mix gets increasingly unhinged and tough, with crisp tech and churning technoid grooves making you get sweaty before trippy and brilliantly weird stuff from Green himself as well as a classic James Holden joint close things down in meaningful style.

This is an expertly curated and mixed selection of fresh electronic sounds from across the electronic spectrum, all stitched into one essential sonic journey.


1. Sven Laux – Off You Go!
2. Ole Biege – Justus – Hommage
3. Landslide – Still There (EDIT)
4. Fiakun Team feat. Paul Omaetxebarria – Around Your Neck (Penner + Muder Remix) (EDIT)
5. M.S. – He’s Got Da Groove
6. Junge Junge feat. Kyle Pearce – Beautiful Girl (Tim Green Remix)
7. Max Cooper – Woven Ancestry (Lusine Remix)
8. S.K.A.M. – Spiritual Heir
9. Dan Berkson & James What – Feel Free (Dorisburg Remix)
10. Kiasmos – Burnt (EDIT)
11. New Build – Luminous Freedom (Tim Green Remix)
12. Justin Jay & Chris Lorenzo – Storm
13. Harald Bjork – Bigfield (EDIT)
14. Kink & Sierra Sam – My Space feat. Hollis P Monroe & Overnite (Kink’s Hardcore mix)
15. Tim Green – Only Time Remains
16. James Holden – 10101 (EDIT)
17. Greg Haines – Habenero