Brunch -In The Park Reveal 12 Outstanding Shows for their Summer Series with Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Ellen Allien, Carl Cox and more


Brunch -In The Park Reveal 12 Outstanding Shows for their Summer Series with Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Ellen Allien, Carl Cox and more

Summer is officially here and with it, one of the most important events in electronic music for southern Europe, Brunch -In The Park series, that returns to Barcelona for twelve sunshine fuelled shows. Every Sunday between July 1st to September 16th, Brunch -In The Park provides a great one day festival for the whole family that combines the best of electronic music's global stars as well as local talent, along with Spain's famed gastronomy and design and activities for children too.
Every Sunday Brunch -In The Park will fill the Joan Brossa Gardens with music, in Montjuïc with stunning views across the sea and the city, from 1pm to 10pm each week. With artists such as Loco Dice, who's not been seen in Barcelona's booths for some time; Richie Hawtin, who still dominates the cutting edge of electronic music, the extensive heavy weight lineup of almost 100 artists will be responsible for making summer Sundays the favourite day of the week. As a new addition this year, the festival will have two stages extending the offering.

As in previous years, the festival will have a wide range of activities so that families can enjoy the festival experience. Within the Petit Brunch program, there will be special dance and hula hoop sessions, juggling and fancy-dress makeup areas, as well as a climbing wall, water slides for a range of  ages and other surprises.

Complimenting the lineups, Brunch -In The Park remains committed to quality food, made with organic, locally sourced ingredients. There will be a varied selection of food trucks with options for all types of diets, palates and preferences that will change every weekend. To turn the park into a complete festival setting, the site will feature local vintage clothing shops and stalls featuring new designers for the Brunch -In The Park Market. 

One of the important objectives of the festival has always been to involve and support its surroundings to actively improve them. That's why this year the season will feature special event, "Day Against Homophobia" in collaboration with the Observatory Against Homophobia, who work on the design and implementation of a permanent observation system against discrimination of homophobia in the different scenarios. In addition, Brunch has been the first festival to adhere to the 'No Callem' protocol against sexual assault and harassment, an initiative encouraging speaking out about sexual harassment at music festivals and in nightclubs. A stand providing support from qualified staff is available at every Brunch show as well as the 'Day Against Homophobia'.
Once again, the festival continues with the Social Fooding solidarity project, which aims to collect food surpluses from restaurants and shops in different areas in the city and help distribute them to needy families in and around Barcelona. 
For 2018 Brunch -In The Park presents 'Alegria & Compromiso' to offer a detailed agenda of social and environmentally-focused activities aimed at neighbourhoods and the city of Barcelona as a whole. Sustainability actions for the preservation of our environment, cultural and educational activities for the neighbourhood, campaigns against homophobia and the respect between orientations, as well as the continuity of its Social Fooding foundation against hunger. An elaborate program whose objective is to inspire positive commitment between us and our environment without borders. A full announcement about the pre-existing and new programs is scheduled for late June.

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