Burnie – Deeper Reality


Burnie – Deeper Reality

Slime welcomes back to the label the Macau-based producer Burnie. After releasing his debut on the imprint last year with the sublime ‘Atlantic’, he immediately began work on a sophomore effort for us. With a unique style all his own and full of invention, Burnie’s music constantly surprises and delights the listener. Here he returns with ‘Deeper Reality’, which has house music at its core but twisted into bold new forms.

‘Neon Night’ immediately goes for the jugular with a jacking groove wrapped around a set of classic warehouse sounds. Joyful keys rub up against an acidic undertow, with a serpentine bass pulse adding swing to proceedings. Across its lifespan the track mutates through turbo-charged electro interludes, subtle string crescendos and much more without ever losing sight of the irresistible groove.

‘Deeper Reality’ adapts the template of the former track into a shuffling garage hybrid, replete with low-frequency bass stabs and soulful female vocals. Percussion percolates through the mix as smooth chords draw the beat out into a dancefloor thriller.

‘Acid Chronicle’ comes to life with a stuttering rhythm and bubbling acid lines packed to the brim with machine funk. Glittering bleeps and mischievous sci-fi samples punctuate the beat and drive the track along with ample amounts of swing.

‘Sea Palace’ merges acid overtones with smooth house with impressive results. Echoing vocals interplay with soulful Rhodes as the skipping beat provides the bump and flex, delivering a perfect culmination to the release.