Moses Mehdi - Bushwick


Moses Mehdi - Bushwick

Moses Mehdi debuts on Poker Flat with Bushwick – three club tracks detailing his wide-ranging influences.

Born in Iran and raised in Germany, Moses Mehdi has a background in hip-hop, American house and techno. All of these are evident in Bushwick, his exceptional debut for Poker Flat Recordings – three tracks of vibey dance music primed for the floor.

Take It In is built around a flipped and layered sample, produced on just a laptop following a long night at a festival near Berlin. Medhi’s refreshing take on production results in a euphoric, leftfield vibe – the track as sure to work at a festival as in a smokey basement.

The Seek Note has a more melancholic feel, born out of a period of reflection in Medhi’ life, and influenced by the likes of Tale of Us. It’s a tightly produced melodic tech workout, full of emotion, tension and release. Mad Science was also a production laid down on Medhi’s laptop – catching inspiration wherever it strikes. The chord progression drives the track, with superb fizzing and bubbling percussions providing a perfect counterpoint. An inventive and infectious EP from a fresh talent.