Chains- Big House


Chains- Big House

Chains are Ben Parker and Kate Aumonier. Ben’s ears met Kate’s larynx across a crowded recording studio in October 2006. “I thought she had one of the best voices I’d ever heard.” One duet later and the feeling was mutual. “I realised I didn’t want to sing on my own anymore.” says Kate.

They’d both been hurt before. Ben found fame as the Ben part of ’90s/’00s folk-pop duo Ben & Jason. But even four critically acclaimed albums couldn’t keep the wolf from the door and   in 2004 they became simply Ben, Jason.

“At the age of 23 I had everything I ever wanted,” Ben reflects. “I had a major record deal, I was travelling all over the place and playing gigs every night. And then, very suddenly, it all disappeared.”

Kate’s road was no easier, a sessions singer since she was 16, her spellbinding voice was crafted in studios from London to LA, singing back vocals for everyone from Emmy Lou Harris to Linda Ronstadt. A record deal with Sanctuary led to a critically acclaimed debut LP and tours with James Blunt. Then Sanctuary went bust.

“Suddenly there was no money in the pot and that was it.” Kate recalls. “Within two weeks I was waitressing, and wondering what the hell I would do next.”

Next is the richness, the potency, and the heartfelt emotion that is Chains, two determined, battle-scarred singer/songwriters at the height of their powers.

Chains Live:
25th              April                        London                          Heath St Church, Hampstead
7th                May                         Brighton                        Komedia
16th              May                         Glasgow                        Faktory
18th              May                         Manchester                   Odd Bar
6th                June                         London                         The Sebright Arms
14th              June                         IOW Festival                Strongbow Stage