Unlock Recordings - Collaborations 2


Unlock Recordings - Collaborations 2

This October marks the release of Various Artist EP ‘Collaborations 2’ from Unlock Recordings, featuring tracks from label head Solimano, Bruno De Vincenti, Christian Burkhardt, Barem and Federico Molinari.

Gonzalo Solimano first created the Unlock Recordings imprint back in 2004 as a platform to support Latin American productions, and ever since then the Buenos Aires label has played host to the likes of Guti, Jorge Savoretti and Franco Cinelli. The second instalment in the label’s ‘Collaborations’ series, Solimano now invites German producer Christian Burkhardt to join Argentinian talents Bruno De Vincenti, Oslo Records artist Federico Molinari and Fun Records founder Barem for a split release.

First up is Solimano & Bruno De Vincenti’s cut ‘Love Nebulae’ which layers infectious percussion with gentle chord sequences and filtered effects. Christian Burkhardt’s ‘Doog’ then cuts in on a deeper and darker tip, with a low-slung bass groove and hypnotic pad sequences.

Up next is Barem’s ‘Funk Duck’ with its rolling percussion, staggered synths and a pulsating low end, before Federico Molinari rounds off the package with ‘2.014.2’, blending dubby bass patterns, chopped samples and frantic synth spirals.

Various Artists ‘Collaborations 2’ on Unlock Recordings is released as a limited vinyl press this October.


Solimano & Bruno De Vincenti – Love Nebulae
Christian Burkhardt – Doog
Barem – Funk Duck
​Federico Molinari – 2.014.2