Complete Glitch Hop Production with Maschine By Defazed


Complete Glitch Hop Production with Maschine By Defazed

In this latest course from Producertech, experienced producer Rich, aka Defazed, teaches how to make a heavy track in one of the most current and popular styles of electronic music – Glitch Hop. With a career spanning from classic Drum & Bass to the cutting edge of electronic music, and with releases on various record labels in the UK, Germany and the US, as well as a wealth of class-based teaching experience in a number of colleges, Defazed is ideally suited to teach the skills necessary to make professional music with Native Instruments’ Maschine.

In this course, Defazed breaks down a Glitch Hop track into its components, analysing the beats, bass and glitch elements, and demonstrating how to build up a track and give it the characteristic ambience. In addition, he takes you through Native Instruments’ Massive, a synthesiser with incredible flexibility, showing his techniques for creating hard-edged bass patches and building chord sequences, whilst discussing wavetable synthesis and the principles underpinning this technique, which is vital to electronic music.

In the first few modules, Defazed gives an overview of his workflow, grouping and use of Aux and FX groups. Next, he analyses the beats, including sample selection and processing, before creating and editing new patterns from the Maschine hardware. He then moves on to the creation of intricate glitch percussion and vocal stabs, before a detailed lesson on bass synthesis in Massive.

As well as synthesising, there’s also a demonstration of classic bass resampling techniques, showing how to produce gnarly-sounding, D&B style bass, before discussing the overall processing on the group. Next, Defazed shows you how he fills out the track with melodic and atmospheric elements and his use of automation. In the final modules, he shows how to complete the arrangement, by adding additional parts, creating filter sweeps and automated effects progressions, before demonstrating how to recognise and resolve problem areas in the arrangement and tweak your mix to create the best possible sound.

Signing up to the course immediately gives you 24/7 access to all of the tutorials, the downloadable Maschine project as well as a 250MB selection of hand-picked Glitch Hop Bonus Samples from Loopmasters. To start your Glitch Hop production journey, view the free, no-signup sample module on the Maschine Courses site:

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