Cosmic Pineapple Ibiza 2018 – Calling all wild childs


Cosmic Pineapple Ibiza 2018 – Calling all wild childs

One thing I have noticed about wild childs who get cosmic, is that there is a sense of realness. There is floating off into the cosmic vibrations, but we don´t get lost in it. We are a new generation of creative change makers. We come together, many races, backgrounds and religions; warriors of creative change crafted in unique ways only we can imagine. With love as our guide, an awareness of the work we need to do, and a deep need for something different inside and out, we rise.

Along with the music and the magic of the island of Ibiza, this ‘something different’ is what I want to vibrate at Cosmic Pineapple. There are going to be inspiring talks, classes, yoga, dances and workshops in the day to activate your mind and invite you to connect with your hearts; each crafted around the intention and focus of the particular event. There will be healers working with different modalities, a ‘Once Upon a Time’ creative market, healthy food and drinks and more.  And in the night there will be music to make you dance from some brilliant and visionary music selectors, ready to offer music for a good cause (each event is for charity). As well as mystical sound vibrations for those who want to be enchanted and drift off into another musical realm.

Everything is energy. We –  humans – are manifested forms of energy. When we work through our personal work in a conscious way, magical things can happen in our lives. We have to heal what’s inside first in order to go into the world and do our work on the outside (I love the Lauryn Hill lyrics, “How you gonna win if you ain’t right within.” and also the Banksy art ´Laugh Now')…

Which is why this year is based on the chakras – the energy centres of the human body. There are many different energy languages out there, but the language of the chakras was the first that I really connected with to help me get out of my mind and into the energy of the work I needed to do to come back into balance.

Cosmic Pineapple returns to Ibiza for the third season. There will be four events at Pikes, with creative plans to work through and connect to the first four energy centres. And in October we will hold a co-creational retreat, to work the higher three energy centres.


Cosmic June 7: The Root chakra – AWAKEN 

Colour: Red. Earth. Trust. I am energy. I am safe. The universe protects me. I am grounded. Physical identity. Ambition. Security. Grounding. Stability. Kundalini awakens. Awaken your life force.

 – Music – Dance – Meditation – Ceremony – Yoga – Art – Night Market – Energy Work – Cosmic Vibes –

July 5: The Sacral chakra – CREATIVITY

Colour: Orange. Water. Vitality. Sexuality. Sensation. Emotion. Giving, Receiving. Desire. Change. Movement. Surrender. Working harmoniously with others. Health. Family. Imagination. Creativity.

 – Music – Dance – Meditation – Ceremony – Yoga – Art – Night Market – Energy Work – Cosmic Vibes –

July 26th: The Solar Plexus chakra – TRANSFORMATION

Colour: Yellow. Fire. Empowerment. Psychic energies and experiences. Will. Personal Power. Humour. Laughter. Self Control. Radiance. Warmth. Ego. Ambition. Creation. Leadership. Control. Expansion. Transformation.

 – Music – Dance – Meditation – Ceremony – Yoga – Art – Night Market – Energy Work – Cosmic Vibes –

September 6: The Heart chakra – LOVE

Colour: Green. Air. Heart vibration. The bridge. Compassion. Higher love and healing. Deeper force in plants and animals. Divine. Forgiveness. Relationships. Harmony. Devotion. Love.

 – Music – Dance – Meditation – Ceremony – Yoga – Art – Night Market – Energy Work – Cosmic Vibes –

Cosmic Pineapple is a cosmic and creative expression on the beautiful and fun Pikes canvas, that is to be experienced for 12 hours, never to be seen again. Each event has a strong intention, that is held for you to enjoy, work with and transcend, and maybe take a bit of that magic out into your daily life. The idea is that you can come for the entire 12 hours and really do the work (and enjoy it while you do it), or just for whichever part calls you. The only rules are: After you enter the rainbow know that we are all one, shine your unique inside light, be curious and have as much fun as possible, knowing that you are giving and receiving energy for a cause bigger than yourself. 
Details to be announced soon:

Event breakdown for June 7 – daytime activities, talks, music, workshops, healers, etc. 
Charity focuses (last year we raised 6,000 euros and I-D came to review)

October 21 – 25:

Cosmic Pineapple four day retreat in Ibiza, leading to the full moon.

Enquire for prices and more: [email protected]


The Throat chakra – EXPRESSION

Colour: Blue. Ether. Truth. True Communication. Sound. Vibration. Breath. Manifest greater abundance. Telepathy. Ethereal and astral hearing. Peace. Wisdom. Gentleness. Inspiration. Spacetime. Loyalty. Honesty. Expression.

Third Eye chakra  – INTUITION

Colour: Purple. Vision. Psychic knowing. Clairvoyance,. Immune system. Creative visualisation. Cosmic consciousness. Devotion. Extraordinary powers. Deep insight. Intuition.


Colour: White. Pineal gland. Cosmic Energy. Spirit essence. Higher forces of universe. Purification of subtle bodies. Integration. Higher self. Infinite oneness. Selfless service. Unity. Supreme. Liberation.