DC Breaks & Prolix - Embaro / Infinity


DC Breaks & Prolix - Embaro / Infinity

With two brand new cuts, for their next single the drum & bass duo DC Breaks have teamed up with an underground heavyweight, a collaboration which was only rumoured until Friction’s first play on Radio1. Label head of Trend Kill recordings and an artist who’s toured extensively since his first output, Prolix has joined forces with DC Breaks, a familiar name for hardened fans and newcomers alike. 

With releases on some of the most prolific labels, this collaboration sees Prolix’s welcome return to the Ram imprint. Both parties have already gained international recognition, stacking up a huge array of tour dates between them, stretching from mainstream festivals to the more darkened club circuit. And although unexpected, the merging of three minds like the one you’re about to experience is nothing short of ground-breaking, pushing the genre’s dynamics and bringing together two totally different stylistic features. 

First up, DC Breaks and Prolix presents a fresh sonic art work in the form of ‘Embargo’. A dancefloor record which sees them once again follow down their darker roots, it features ethereal vocal sample filtering between clanking drums and punchy synth. There’s a quick pause, with the track beginning to pull itself in underneath you. Then it drops into anarchy, with crushing LFO and crunching snare. DC Breaks are back to their dirtier tricks and ‘Embargo’ is the perfect example of that. 

On the flipside, ‘Infinity’ features the same nastily slick production. A foreboding build up begins to unravel, before bit by bit you’re pulled on top of a pounding bassline. Punchy stabs and clinking percussion weave in and out of the composition, with quick firing beats hitting you from all directions. Prolix adds his distorted production might, helping to create a driving riddim that’s sure to explode in any set this winter. Although unanticipated, this collaboration is about to set cyberspace alight. 

With an LP laying just out of sight for DC Breaks, 2017 is looking to be a big year. But this time, they’ve delivered for the murkier months…