Epizode Festival Launches in Vietnam on NYE


Epizode Festival Launches in Vietnam on NYE

Epizode is a brand new and exciting cultural exchange, artistic gathering and musical festival with plenty of sporting offerings taking place in a stunning island location in Vietnam. 

"An episode is a part of a piece of art that has a certain autonomy or it is a part of a movie, a story or a drama series. This winter, everyone will have a unique opportunity to play their part in the main episode of the party season. You can choose your role: to be a bystander and watch, make only a short appearance, or prove yourself as a superstar and collect all the camera flashes on the red carpet! There is absolute creative freedom when you arrive,  just choose a genre! Plots, scenes, scripts, role changes, unexpected twists and exciting moments will all play out at the coolest venues accompanied by the freshest soundtracks.” Say the promoters. 

The location for all this is Phú Quốc the largest island in Vietnam and one that boasts picture perfect beaches with white sand, tropical seas and high temperatures all year round. Add into that palm trees, natural beauty to spare and myriad local cuisines and you have one of the most incredible locations you can imagine for this two week creative coming together. Of course, all sorts of production, knights, stage installations, sorting events, breath taking sunsets and sun rises and plenty more surprises will all add to this most magical occasion. 

The first wave of acts to be announced for this event include tens and tens of the finest talents fro the worlds of house and techno. As well as lots of up coming and fresh stars, there are also plenty of big names including the likes of Wagon Repair and Crosstown man Konrad Black, tech titan Julian Perez, LIEs boss Ron Morelli, Aus’s house talent Sei A, dub techno stars Youandme, Canadian live specialist The Mole, cult house and techno team Lazare Hoche, Malin Génie and Samuel Andre Madsen aka Mandar, Brouquade label boss Anthea, Italian hit makers Fairmont, Leftroom Record boss Matt Tolfrey and plenty of artists from the promoters native Moscow where they have talent scouted from the best clubs and parties around!

The organisers of the EPIZODE are the team of professional event promoters with deepest knowledge of the entertainment industry. They succeeded in such “blockbusters” as SPACE Moscow, GIPSY and KONSTRUKTOR as well as many other successful projects and are now brining there many years of experience to bare on the Asian festival scene.