Intro_p - Exposure


Intro_p - Exposure

Intro_p is an artist originally from Malaga who now steps out with his own new label and three fantastically fresh and cosmic house tunes that have already had support from the likes of Laurent Garnier.

Intro_p has been working on unconventional dance floor tunes for years. After moving to Cologne, he set up the OutofSpace Studios and now he looks to the launch of his Introp Music imprint, his second label venture after previously running Neovinyl. This latest project is the result of much research and experimentation with a range of different influences and takes from his experiences running the Forest Trump event series. Always with a deep and personal take, he layers up subtle atmospheres into elaborate arrangements with a contemplative sense of mood.

Opener ‘Mensch’ is a cavernous, stripped back house cut filled with cinematic synth detail and shakers, soft keys and vocal sounds that add up to something brilliantly soothing and absorbing. The excellent ‘Emerge’ is a poignant track from the off: the slippery drums get under your skin and the expansive synths bring scale to this most celestial of offerings. A lead synth brings colour as it dances about up top and will get the floor moving, no doubt. Last but not least, ‘Flowing’ has well treated vocals warped and filtered into something beguiling, as crystalline synth lines and balmy pads all keep up the deep space mood of the whole EP.

These are three tracks that really make an impact and prove that Intro_p and Introp Music are set to be big stars in 2019.


1. Mensch (Original Mix)
2. Emerge (Original Mix)
3. Flowing (Original Mix)