Sergio Del Lago - Hallow


Sergio Del Lago - Hallow

Waveskin Records is a multifaceted record label born on January 2019 from the MAT ACADEMY project, the leading company in on-demand music production courses, with over 700 students in Italy, and providing English and Spanish courses in over 70 countries.
The aim of Waveskin is to work as an incubator for the best talents coming out from the academy, and give them a real support on kickstarting their career.

The label is divided into different sub-labels, taking care of each of the styles you can find in MAT ACADEMY, "Waveskin Silver" for House, Deep House, Tech house and sub-genres, "Waveskin Red" for Pop and its various branches, "Waveskin Yellow" for Techno, Deep Tech, Melodic Techno and beyond, and "Waveskin White" for Progressive, Future House and Big Room.

The first output of the project will be an amazing single by the Italian producer Sergio Del Lago, who starts 2019 with his debut single "Hallow". Beside a rolling tech groove, in this track you will hear with an hint of ethnic melody inspired by Indian tradition, and some dark vocals recalling to a religious ritual, everything crafted in a modern Tech House style.

Out on Waveskin Silver on February 8th 2019.