Joakim Molitor Ft. Lena Leon - Hero


Joakim Molitor Ft. Lena Leon - Hero

New-kid-on-the-block, Joakim Molitor, has just dropped his latest track ‘Hero’ ft Lena Leon. Energetic, bass fuelled and laced with stunning vocals from Lena, ‘Hero’ is an explosive track destined for the dance-floor, available to buy exclusively via Beatport now and on all other digital platforms from 29th January.

Opening with a punchy kick and a resonating wiry bass synth, driving the groove of the track forward, Joakim wastes no time in getting into the first build. Add a myriad of percussive elements and an impeccably timed rise into the mix, and the listener is left with an ascent so intense that it’s asking for a drop; which of course Joakim gives, in true big room fashion, with the bass line exploding in such a manner that would have any dance floor in a frenzy. Seamlessly moving from the highly charged bass-focused drop, Joakim introduces a more melodic section, with the impeccable vocals from Lena Leon. After the mesmerising vocals, Joakim jumps straight back into business, with the third, final and most spectacular build that will no doubt be heard on dance-floors worldwide. Molitor has really hit the nail on the head with ‘Hero’ in creating a perfect balance of bass and euphony that is sure to impress any EDM lover.


It seems up-and-coming Joakim Molitor has a natural ear for what makes good, dance-floor fuelled music and so it comes as no surprise that the Swedish star has already accrued a sizeable amount of attention for his previous releases. His most recent effort, ‘Morning Sun’, where he teamed up with Corey James, rushed into Beatport’s progressive house Top 100 within 2 days before hitting #16 and reaching the Top 10 on the Swedish Spotify Viral 50. With ‘Morning Sun’ racking up an abundance of SoundCloud streams and earning praise from the likes of Tom Swoon, Danny Avila, Max Vangeli and Third Party, to name a few, Joakim is on an upwards trajectory and shows no signs of stopping. Now, with the release of ‘Hero’ looking to be no different, Joakim Molitor is proving himself one to watch.