My Digital Enemy - High Forever


My Digital Enemy - High Forever

My Digital Enemy continue to present a vast catalogue of high calibre, cutting edge house music via their Zulu Records imprint on a regular basis, and now it’s once again their turn to take centre stage on the label that they have nurtured over the last three years. My Digital Enemy’s latest offering, ‘High Forever’, is a 90’s influenced club-filler that proves why they have such loyal and revered support on the scene. With an onslaught of releases already filling up their 2016 calendar, the Brighton dance-duo show why they’re some of the hardest working producers and DJs in the business.

With multiple Beatport triumphs, we’re expecting nothing less with this one. Already championed by the industry’s best, Futuristic Polar Bears, Thomas Gold and Sam Divine, My Digital Enemy show us they always have a trick up their sleeves.

Boasting classic acid-house synths, and a jumpy funk-fest of a bassline – ‘High Forever’ takes us somewhere in-between the golden-white sands of a beach in Ibiza, to the dripping walls of the Hacienda nightclub. My Digital Enemy have a knack for articulating their love for danceable, bass-driven music and are constantly surrounding themselves with the world’s hottest exports – their latest record sounds like they’ve taken these influences, blended them in the studio, and this was the end result.

Ear-pleasing piano chords that remind you of some long-forgotten Chicago gem. End-to-end with soulful vocal hooks, delicate build ups and a bouncy ball of a bassline, ‘High Forever’ parallels two universes where the track solely ties a powerful bond between apparent contrasts. You know exactly what you’re getting with a My Digital Enemy release, yet somehow, they seem to surpass all expectations time and time again.
My Digital Enemy

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