Bryte x Gafacci - I Like Your Girlfriend


Bryte x Gafacci - I Like Your Girlfriend

Summer's here!

Ransom Note Records continue their search for the finest dance music from Planet Earth with a carnival-ready curveball of a new release; the sleazy, playful Ghanaian Afro-Ghetto-Techno-Pop that is Bryte's word-of-mouth classic I Like Your Girlfriend.

Originally surfacing on a couple of YouTube dance videos, the shitty quality video rip ofBryte's bizarro lyrics leaping over Gafacci's impeccable grime-meets-afrohouse beat has been a much-loved secret weapon in the sets of DJs that know for a minute now – Bok Bok, Mixpak and Gang Fatale have all supported heavily.

Coming from Accra's booming Azonto dance scene, where tracks are knocked out in makeshift home-built studios then swapped through social media apps on smartphones, a proper release of I Like Your Girlfriend has long remained a holy grail. Now, after months of searching, several Western Union transfers, hundreds of WhatsApp messages and no lack of determination, Ransom Note have finally managed to legitimately sign the track, and are all set to give a modern classic the 12" release it deserves – making history with what is quite possibly the first Azonto track to be released on vinyl.

Alongside Bryte's crazy vocal version, the release features the original beat from producerGafacci – its bouncing techy minimalism carving a unique path between techno, house and UK funky that defies genre with glee. Vinyl buyers get a special bonus; Bryte's acapella, coming in at 128 bpm, is the perfect mixing tool.

Remixes come from Ransom Note favourite Bawrut, who provides a triumphant, tropical acid rework; Ahadadream who smashes out wild horns and the grizzly bass of classic UK funky; and Oyinboy who ramps up the chaos with a 140 bpm reggaeton explosion.

But right now all you need to focus on is Bryte's pearls of wisdom:


EP Title: I Like Your Girlfriend
Artist: Bryte x Gafacci
Remixers: Oyinboy, Bawrut, Ahadadream
Label: Ransom Note Records
Release Date: 11th August 2017
Formats: Vinyl, Digital

1. I Like Your Girlfriend
2. I Like Your Girlfriend [Instrumental] 3. I Like Your Girlfriend [Acapella] 4. I Like Your Girlfriend (Oyinboy Remix)
5. I Like Your Girlfriend (Bawrut Remix)
6. I Like Your Girlfriend (Ahadadream Remix)