Ivan Iacobucci – Monoklo 1 EP


Ivan Iacobucci – Monoklo 1 EP

Influential house label Holic Trax is launching a new sub series here with a debut EP from Ivan Iacobucci entitled Monoklo 1.

The sub label, also call Monoklo, will showcase a deeper, darker house sound that focusses on the dance floor and sees all material selected by the boss, Tomoki Tamura.

Behind this first EP is Italian Ivan Iacobucci, who has been producing since the ‘90s on Nite Grooves, King Street, Smoke Joke and many others. Influenced by everything from jazz to Detroit techno, afro cuban beats to pure funk, he has a truly fresh approach to sound.

Up first, ‘Router’ is a deep, bubbly house track with corrugated drums and dusty hi hats. Spooky synths add a sense of space and depth and it’s an intimate way to kick off the EP.

‘Anorak’ is another deep cut with warm and cuddly vibes pervading to bubbly, soft edge drums and captivating rhythms. Filled with organic textures and rich with a human feel, the cut sucks you right in from the off.

Vinyl only cut, ‘De Mai Sus’ then rocks back and forth with deep, bubbly basslines, streaming sci-fi melodies and kinetic percussive patterns that are subtle but that really bring the funk. All analogue sounding and dynamic from the ground up, it’s a spaced out and emotive house cut that will make you feel as well as dance.

Buy the EP digitally and you will get bonus roller ‘Stakhanovite’, but either way this is an essential and classy way to start a new series.