Jeff Mills live stream LOST IN SPACE


Jeff Mills live stream LOST IN SPACE

Worlwide premieres will occur from April 5th to 7th in Toulouse (FR) with Orchestre du Capitole conducted by Christophe Mangou.

The show will be live on April 6th via: MEDICI.TV

Lost In Space is an exotic musical excursion into the unknown – discovering the sectors of Outer Space and encountering unexpected occurrences that is to be the narrative, objective and attraction itself. Like the architecture and habitation structure of a jungle, life exist and persist everywhere, but only by the degree of our 5 basic human senses are you able to detect the unimaginable.

As humans prepare to spend more time in Space, there will be many achievements and discoveries while we better understand the Cosmos.And in this quest, we will learn more about our selves, questioning everything we know. Being lost or not being able to understand something encountered is a certainty and realistically unavoidable. So much so, that we may have to re-think science and what we know of the laws of physics.

An extraordinary musical creation by the Electronic Music and artist Jeff Mills, he conceives Lost In Space with the future of mankind’s advances in Space travel and colonizing other planets in mind. It is a reach to grasp for subjects like the “other types of time», «the crashing of Worlds» and «the illusions we create» in our minds and what we believe is reality.

DJ: Jeff Mills
Conductor: Christophe Mangou
Arranger: Sylvain Griotto
Scenography: Yves Pépin
Tabla and percussions: Prabhu Edouard