FreedomB - Juicy Groove


FreedomB - Juicy Groove

FreedomB is bringing his sun-up-to-sun-down party to Roush label, and everyone’s invited! The international artist hailing from Madrid, is releasing his EP, "Juicy Groove" for the first time on the label. It features three tracks: two original mixes, "Juicy Groove" and "Acid Flavor," with an incredible remix of Juicy Groove by Hauswerks.

“Juicy Groove” is an upbeat refresher, oozing with the best elements of your favorite House music. Its succulent sounds are enticing in every way, as FreedomB destroys any notion of insipidity. The EP then slips into “Acid Flavor,” which is tastefully delightful with its pulsating vibes and electrifying essence. The EP concludes with the remix by Hauswerks, as he saturates the track with 10+ years of studio experience to create this sensational groove.

FreedomB has poured his talents into this EP, and it has produced nothing but greatness. You can expect “Juicy Groove” to be released on 27/03/17.

As always, Roush is slaying the music industry.