Kwettr wins Audience Award Accenture Innovation Awards


Kwettr wins Audience Award Accenture Innovation Awards

On Friday October 28, Kwettr has won the Accenture Innovation Audience Award for most innovative company of The Netherlands in 2016. Alongside a cheque of €25.000, which Kwettr can invest in developing their services, Kwettr received a ticket to the International Websummit in Portugal.


Kwettr makes and rents out digital pop up stores for companies where customers can pay with social media data. F.e. customers can download discount coupons in return for a tweet, follow, Like, or Snap. Target groups of Kwettr include restaurants, record labels, theme parcs and all companies that use social media in their marketing activities.

Accenture Innovation Awards

Every year Accenture organizes the Innovation Awards. With this competition, Accenture Innovation gives Dutch companies the attention and recognition they deserve. The Innovation Awards are split up in 11 categories and a Audience Award. Every category has a winner, picked by a jury. These winners receive a Blue or Green Tulip. The Public Prize winner was chosen by the audience. The Dutch audience was able to vote for their favorite contestant using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Voting closed on October 21; Kwettr generated the most votes of the competition.