LeeFest Returns with… The Neverland!


LeeFest Returns with… The Neverland!

Celebrating 10 years since the original LeeFest kicked off in the back garden of founder Lee Denny; 2016 sees the emergence of the next chapter for the UK’s favourite independent festival with an exciting new creation; The Neverland.

The story of LeeFest is now legendary, growing from a back garden gathering with friends into a celebration of the true spirit of festivals. At the age of 16, Lee’s decision to rebel against his parents’ wishes led to the formation of a true community of kindred spirits and a celebration of new music, arts and creatives. Naturally expanding from the ground upwards year after year, it’s morphed into an unmissable fixture of the summer and along the way has introduced global success stories such as Bastille, London Grammar, Years & Years, Young Fathers and Jack Garratt amongst others. LeeFest is for the people and by the people, and that unfaltering desire for independent creativity and fantastic live moments has pushed it to the forefront of festival culture.

Now looking to evolve and innovate to the next level, this year LeeFest is taking flight into the kaleidoscopic world of The Neverland; a magical panoptic Kingdom full of unabashed creativity, diverse personalities and serious partying! The Neverland is the culmination of the dreams of thousands in the snowballing LeeFest community.
Defined by three distinct realms, The Neverland provides a fantastical immersive adventure for attendees…

Submerged in neon coating and sun-kissed horizons, Mermaids Lagoon will be the go-to destination for all those seeking the Club Tropicana high-life of cocktails, sunshine and pristine clarity. Dive into the bright lights of 80s glam in all its prime, with the beautiful people and luminous vibes of sunshine by the beach and margaritas on tap, as a vivid soundtrack of pop music serenades the pool bathers. For those seeking opulence and extravagance, a dip into Mermaids Lagoon is the height of decadence and thrilling glamour.

A futuristic dystopia, Skull Ridge lies in The Neverland shadows – a living embodiment of shadowy fantasies and mind-blowing attractions. Corruption and lawlessness are rife and the pounding, relentless soundtrack of bass, grunge and punk reigns supreme. Mob rule and darkness are ever present in this sprawling part of The Neverland that is unforgiving and unrepentant. 

The Neverwoods boasts some of the finest scenery in the whole of The Neverland , with panoramic natural vistas and a place of tranquillity, nourishment and well-being. Stroll through the picturesque frames of the ambient forests whilst becoming one with the wonderful nature flowing throughout and embrace new music, arts and crafts in a no nonsense paradise celebrating good times and joy.

The Neverland is now open for lost boys and girls to take their definitive journey into the never-ending party waiting for them, and with super early-bird tickets selling out in record LeeFest time, a new batch of earlybird tickets are now available starting from £80.

Tickets are available now: http://leefest.org/tickets

Escaping the confines of the real world, the Neverland’s kingdom of infinite wonder awaits, allowing all of us an opportunity to escape and pursue our dream to never grow old.

The use of Neverland ® under licence by Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity’