Placebo eFx - Lo-Fi


Placebo eFx - Lo-Fi

Placebo eFx returns to Krafted Underground in full force, with two Progressive House tracks demonstrating their musical depth.

'Lo-Fi' featu­­­ring Shea Carter, paints a picture of a music lover searching for purpose in a world that's over saturated with technology. Shea's vocals are not only mesmerizing but take the listener on a sonic journey through the eyes of an open hearted wanderer. With Placebo eFx's bass heavy foundation & Carter's vocal mastery – ‘Lo-Fi’ is bound to be a melodic favorite.

Following up 'Lo-Fi', Placebo eFx keeps the majestic drifting vibes flowing with 'Stranger'. This ethereal tale fits perfectly with any sunrise in the playa, as a sullen vocal portrays the story of two parted souls whom have met again.. only now.. as Strangers. Listeners are swept into a harmonic horizon, an iconic and timeless sound that Placebo eFx is quickly becoming known for.

Adding to the momentum for Krafted Underground recent successes, the 'Lo-Fi' EP encapsulates a diverse offering of progressive atmospheres, elements & vocals.


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