Mac Stanton - L’odyssee


Mac Stanton - L’odyssee

Mac Stanton presents his new album, “L’Odyssée“, opus which is divided into 2 albums. A first album entitled “L’Odyssée Part 1” which will be released at the end of May on So French Records and a second album which will be released in 2018, “L’Odyssée Part 2“. The album is a musical journey revisiting the artist’s first influences: funk, disco, electro pop, synthwave, house from Chicago and French Touch music that become a devouring passion for The artist. A musical Ode whose sounds plunge us into the cult films from the 80s, the theme of science-fiction and fantastic are approached. Mac Stanton uses all his knowledge in his productions. He composes his songs, from analog synthesizers and uses his voice in vocoder and talk box. He collaborated in his new album, “L’Odyssée” with the famous band, Superfunk, on one his powerful song “Stradivarius“, nod to the film “A Space Odyssey”, and work with three talented singers: Scott AF (American), Blondie and Andi (French). The new opus meets several musical genres, including pop in the excellent title “Dance With Me“, house in the “Can you feel it“, funk in the “All Right“, disco in “L’Odyssée” , synthwave in the famous “Missing You“, while always keeping the French touch spirit in each of his productions. An Ode to the love and passion of the artist for the Music!

L’Odyssée Part 1


1-     Stradivarius – Mac Stanton Feat. Superfunk (House/Electro)
2-     Can You Feel It – Mac Stanton (House/Deep house)
3-     Dance With Me Feat. Scott AF- Mac Stanton (Pop/Dance Electro)
4-     Dancing On Discovery – Mac Stanton (French House/French Touch)
5-     Disco Galactic – Mac Stanton (Disco House)
6-     All Right – Mac Stanton (Funk Electro)
7-     Everyday – Mac Stanton (French House/French Touch)
8-     Human Punk – Mac Stanton (French Touch/Electro)
9-     From The Heart – Mac Stanton (Disco House Filtered)
10-    Missing You Feat. Andi- Mac Stanton(Synthwave/Nu Disco)
11-  Night Vision – Mac Stanton (Synthwave
12- L’Odyssée Feat. Blondie- Mac Stanton (Disco House/French Touch)