Mass Digital – Hypnotised (Marco Pavlin Remix)


Mass Digital – Hypnotised (Marco Pavlin Remix)

Marco Pavlin’s latest effort – a creative take on Mass Digital’s ‘Hypnotised’ kick-starts a 2015 that’s looking like his busiest yet. 1707 Records’ boss at just 21 years old, Marco Pavlin is an eclectic DJ and producer, working within different genres of electronic music including: modern and reflective styles of traditional House, Bass House, Deep House, Progressive, Tech House and Electro. Based in Germany, Marco Pavlin has enjoyed ample success in the last few years, managing to reach as high as #21 on Tech House charts with his single ‘Oreo’ in 2012, just one year after he started his musical career. Moreover, he also boasts the support of renowned DJs such as: David Vendetta, Gai Barone, Alan Camden, Italian Allstars, and Nickyp.

On the other hand, the mastermind behind the original single, Boris Mijovic a.k.a. Mass Digital also has a rich resume himself. Having his music released via internationally celebrated labels such as: Toolroom, FORM, Pacha, Nervous, BluFin, Tiger, Keno, and King Street Sounds, Mass Digital’s sounds are genre defiant, making his as original and unique as it can get. Apart from his productions, the Serbian DJ is also a recognised performer, featuring at big festivals such as Exit 2012.  

Like the original, Marco Pavlin’s remix is also being released via his own label 1707 Records and both are a sheer display of how this label is redefining the concept of House music. Marco Pavlin has done a remarkable job to offer a different perspective to his signee’s project. Driven by a sub by, muffled synth melody and a enchanting beat, this production creates an exclusive laid-back, but still totally danceable aura. The selection of electronic effects devised by Marco Pavlin show his deep understanding of the track and multifaceted creative thinking. The single also features an extraordinary control over dynamic and energy levels. The main drop and the build-up that follows are truly one of a kind and create an inimitable feel-good sensation. Moreover, the bass line adds another layer of depth to the track, floating around different frequencies to bring together a contrasting vibe that’s calm, but still more than ready for the main room. Another exciting element within ‘Hypnotised’ is the use of the vocals. Marco Pavlin has kept the vocals which were also present in the original version to which he added more intensity and gave them increased prominence with his own creative edits.      

1707 Records will no doubt be very proud to present Marco Pavlin’s remix in addition to Mass Digital’s original effort. With such high quality tracks, this label is surely keeping true to its motto, which is to provide the best of House music together with all of its sub-genres and variations. At such a young age Marco Pavlin is proving to be a talented and accomplished DJ and producer together with having the refined ear of a top-notch label executive. Marco Pavlin, Mass Digital, and 1707 Records are all on track to soon become music giants within their respective fields.