DJ Link, Celvin X - Meister 45


DJ Link, Celvin X - Meister 45

Kicking off the proceedings with powerful percussion and innovative synthesis, the combination of these two producers is immediately noticeable. Big sounds and progressive elements combine and leave delightful results, with many intricate synths and drum layers which are indicative of a serious expertise in production. This track is something great for the summer season and adds a new meaning to the words deep and dark.

Powerful elements throughout and big bass and beats, he delivers another fine production showing he is back in true style. Releasing on the 2nd August, the track is available on the renowned label Naked Lunch. Supporting artists since their inception, the label is home to amazing growing artists and already established musicians like Celvin X.

‘Meister 45’ is available now make sure you stream and download your copy now!

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