munimuni & Seelenwald - Missing Link


munimuni & Seelenwald - Missing Link

Stripped Down Records continues to make a big impression with its second release, this time coming from munimuni & Seelenwald and featuring stellar remixes from label founder Claudio Ricci as well as Sasse, Tiefschwarz and Kollektiv Turmstrasse.

Austrian sound engineer Seelenwald has been a musician from an early age, playing both piano and drums. He’s worked with internationally renowned artists and musciains and integrates live piano, synths and bongos into his DJ sets. Here he links with fellow Austrian talent munimuni who brings plenty of atmosphere and soul to the collaboration.

The excellent original is ‘Missing Link’, a strikingly emotional track with slow, lurching drums and a menacing bassline. It’s the sweeping strings and broad pads that add grand architecture to the track, while the pained and tender vocals send real chills down your spine.

Diynamic artists Kollektiv Turmstrasse are masters of melodic house and their version is a richly detailed one filled with suspense. The vocal is cleverly treated, the synths and strings build to various peaks and it is never less than a dramatic and dynamic groove for cultured dance floors. Next, Claudio Ricci has nearly 20 years of experience in dance music, releases on Compost and MoBack, and has a real skill for organic sound and melody. Here he goes for a techno leaning version, with rumbling drums and suspenseful chords hanging in the air above. It’s one to get the club on its toes and carry it away.

German brothers Tiefschwarz are constant tech house innovators with an often dark, twitchy sound on their own Souvenir label. Here they layer up rolling, smooth drums with a hypnotic synth hook and dramatic background strings whilst the gentle vocal brings a sense of melancholy that will really make an impact in the club. Later on the artist uses grinding textures to get into a darker mood. Finally, Sasse is the long time deep house don who runs the Moodmusic label and he uses years of know how to rework the track into something warm and cosy. There is still a melodic elegance to it, but with more driving hits and a real sense of groove as the soaring vocals add soul.

These are five fantastically expressive and emotive tracks that bring a whole new world of feelings to the dance floor.


1. munimuni & Seelenwald – Missing Link
2. munimuni & Seelenwald – Missing Link (Kollektiv Turmstrasse remix)
3. munimuni & Seelenwald – Missing Link (Claudio Ricci remix)
4. munimuni & Seelenwald – Missing Link (Tiefschwarz remix)
5. munimuni & Seelenwald – Missing Link (Sasse remix)