Nick Monaco – Private Practice


Nick Monaco – Private Practice

As he leans forward to get  a closer view of the stage, he applies a thick, seductive layer of lipstick on  his  moist, sultry pout. Nick Monaco is now in character, the jumpsuit and pimp hat providing a comforting layer of confidence as he prepares to step out on stage and give his all. 

“Extravagant. Outrageous. Impossible to ignore” Stream ‘Private Practice’ via Clash Music:

Ahead of Nick Monaco’s hotly anticipated debut album ‘Mating Call’ out in September on Soul Clap Records,  godfather  label  Wolf  +  Lamb  proudly  presents  the  preceding  single  featuring  lead track ‘Private Practice’, a sound all Monaco’s own as unique composition swings with offbeat style and sex appeal, fresh as a daisy with an alluring dose of dirt. A stunning piano led acapella is offered as the ‘Unclubbed’ version. On the flip is the seductive lo-fi funk and  fluid  soul  of  ‘I  Can’t Breathe  Without  You’, a sultry summer jam with an irresistible melody  that will keep swirling round your head for days. Closing the EP is the quintessential magic of a Wolf + Lamb club mix that pumps up the groove.

Nick Monaco has always been a musical freak. Despite being on the planet for less than a quarter of a century, he sits  comfortably  against the original hedonism of Studio 54 and Paradise Garage. In the spirit of  the  non-judgemental atmosphere  of  early  house music, his lipstick brand was  created to raise money for transsexuals to have sex change operations and inspire diversity in clubs.

From a young age practicing dance routines seen on BET and MTV, ready for action at the school dance, to turntablism, and making his own music, Nick’s progression has been steady  but assured. Making links  while  still  a  teenager  in  San  Francisco  with the Dirtybird crew and later, Soul Clap, Nick’s career has been  steadily  propelling  forward.  Yet  it’s  not  as  clearcut  as  it  seems.  Inside  this  classically  handsome, talented and gregarious man exists a shy, awkward and heterosexual  soul. But this introverted interior is the catalyst behind the upward trajectory of his career, which  currently includes an  impressive back catalogue of inventive,  genre-defying  releases,  a  hectic  tour schedule as a member  of Crew Love,  a captivating live  show and soon to be released debut album, which truly lays bare his vulnerable inner self with every performance.