André Ary - Nothing Like Them


André Ary - Nothing Like Them

Since exploding onto the Dance music scene, Swedish DJ and producer André Ary has been causing quite a stir in the country’s clubbing circuit. The multitalented artist is the mastermind behind hit records such as ‘Trumbeat’ and ‘Save Our Souls’, which led to him gaining major attention from the world’s media and multiple Swedish iTunes number 1 chart spots – a remarkable achievement for any calibre of artist.

Up next from Andre Ary is ‘Nothing Like Them’, a Main Room monster that features the stunning vocals of stellar singer and songwriter Alex Lando. Full of lush pads, infectious guitar melodies, driving beats and emotional vibes, ‘Nothing Like Them’ has everything you need for a peak time set – it’s no surprise it has been gaining the attentions of many tastemakers worldwide.

The release of ‘Nothing Like Them’ sees Andre Ary make his highly anticipated debut on newly found Swedish imprint Manic Mind Music, who’s goal is to help talented EDM artists/DJ's to reach their maximum potential. ‘Nothing Like Them’ is out now so make sure you grab your copy now!

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