Pacha Collection Lands in Japan


Pacha Collection Lands in Japan

Next Tuesday 5th of November the fashion and accessories brand Pacha Collection will hold a special event at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.

This year Spain and Japan celebrate 400 years of trading relations between both countries. Pacha Collection will show the development of the brand of the cherries and its successful career as a Spanish brand since its founding, more than 40 years ago, as well as the different styles and fashions that have forged what today represents the Mediterranean and cosmopolitan style of Pacha.

Pacha has managed to capture the spirit of the Mediterranean, a high quality and hedonistic lifestyle that is enriching for the soul. The brand has adapted to each generation and has become part of history of the youth in Spain for more than 40 years, the hippy movement, the eclectic 80s, the start of the electronic music scene of the nineties and this last decade’s superstar DJ phenomenon. And in addition, it has also managed to export this spirit to other countries, while absorbing at the same time new concepts and qualities of different cultures.

This presentation of the Pacha brand in Tokyo on the 5th of November can predetermine a new way of cohesion between Spanish and Japanese cultures.

The event, to be held in the Spanish Embassy between 5 and 9pm, will host 300 guests, including fashion professionals, press and celebrities, who will be able to enjoy the exhibition of the new 2014 collection, a show with DJ, dancers and some visuals of the history of Pacha. It will basically be a smooth sample of the power of creation, authenticity and ability to adapt to new cultures that the brand holds today.