Pav Parrotte & Frazer Campbell – White Coats EP


Pav Parrotte & Frazer Campbell – White Coats EP

The brainchild of Manila based Pav Parrotte and London DJ/Producer Frazer Campbell, ‘White Coats’ is the pair’s collaborative creative vision and a fine effort at that. This three track project is Parrotte’s and Campbell’s debut EP on Stellar Fountain Deep, a sub-division of Proton’s flagship label Stellar Fountain. This enchanting collaboration boasts the skills of two well rounded DJs and producers who’ve developed their two-year friendship into a rousing musical partnership.

These two talented minds joined their creative efforts to come up with an innovative and unique project. Rooted in Techno, and House, this EP offers a collection of three tracks exhibiting the versatility and refined musical taste of the duo. ‘Therapy’, the first track on the EP, is mainly edging towards Tech House. Featuring a assuaging groove, a subtle synth melody and an array of original electronic percussive sounds, ‘Therapy’ provides a stirring start to the venture. The deep basses and open chords in the background add another layer of texture to the track making it sonically stimulating and a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience. Moving on to the second offering ‘Sectioned’, Pav Parrotte and Frazer Campbell offer a minimalistic production driven by a solid drum rhythm and a softer focal melody. A chunky sub bass-line is then added to spice things up and control the dynamic levels of the production. The duo’s profound musical understanding is truly displayed through this song, managing to convey a minimalistic soundscape without ever crossing the line of over-simplicity. Parrotte and Campbell conclude the EP with a wonder by the name of ‘Nervous Disposition’. Holding the minimalistic traits of the previous two tracks, this single offers a supplementary quirky element. The distorted vocals give this track a darker component, offering a diverse atmosphere. This final production also features a laid-back yet straightforward groove layered over a cavernous bass foundation, and lead by a guitar-style synth riff, offering the most memorable of endings to an extraordinary EP.

Pav Parrotte has numerous notable releases under his belt, having his work signed to renowned labels such as: Plastic City, Celestial Recordings, Electronic Tree, Bass Works Recordings, Over Recordings, together with his own label Asia Music. He has also established himself as one of Manila’s leading DJs, building his reputation in the realms of underground House and Techno. Apart from producing music, Pav Parrotte is also the brains behind two events companies: Frequency Manila, and Nomad Massive, as well as co-owning the popular dance spot TIME.    

On the other hand, Frazer Campbell, another House and Techno fanatic, and practitioner of minimalistic and expressive electronic music, is also no stranger within the scene. His projects have been released on multiple international labels including: Woo.Blee, Low to High, Second Step, Household, Kanja, Deep Square Records, One Groove Records, and Arupa Music to name a few. Furthermore he is also the co-founder of London based event ‘Open’, launched in 2013, and also a radio presenter on Hoxton FM.

Stellar Fountain Deep have surely managed to recruit two of the most fresh sounding DJs and producers on the underground circuit, who are definitely on track to continue on the successful legacy built by this label. Once again Stellar Fountain Deep has succeeded in adding yet another gem to their long string of consistent quality releases.