Redlight Electrons - Phonometrics EP


Redlight Electrons - Phonometrics EP

Kindisch is blessed to share Redlight Electrons latest work, a 3 track ep ‚Phonometrics’.

The opening track, ‘Aura’ paints a warm ambience, drifting between harmony and dissonance as the moods builds towards distant guitars and muted percussives.

‘Replicants’ follows next. Straight from the beginning we are greeted with soft kicks and an almost funk inspired ambience, incorporating some well-known vocal samples that add another dimension to the track.

Now we have reached the title, and final track of the EP. Starting things off with warm lush pads, a kick slips under the radar and start to keep the pace. A slow climb to the top as the bassline delivers the groove and guitars shimmer in the distant fog.

‘Phonometrics’ is a slow dive into the deep waters of emotion and ambience, leaving the listener satisfied with a warm smile.